Fogmaker is an automatic fire extinguishing system based on water mist. It has a unique effect and is environmentally beneficial. The system is very efficient and causes a temperature drop of as much as 734 degrees C in 10 seconds! By using water mist in case of fire, it has been shown that the need for cleaning the engine compartment after a fire is minimal. The method is harmless to humans, machines and the environment. More than 160,000 systems have been delivered since 1995 and the system has achieved several international approvals, including from Bureau Veritas, Swedish Fire Protection, Association SPB 128 and the FIA.

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This is how fogmaker works

    • An extinguishing media bottle containing 1 liter of water is converted to 1700 liters of water vapor. The water vapor converts the water content in the air, which thus prevents the supply of oxygen. The extinguishing media bottle can be delivered in sizes from 4 to 7.8 liters and can be connected in series for greater extinguishing capacity when needed.
    • The detector bottle is based on hydropneumatic technology, which ensures automatic start of the extinguishing process.
    • A detector hose is mounted in the engine compartment and connected between the detector bottle and the extinguishing media bottle and ensures that the entire system trips in the event of a fire.
    • The extinguishing circuit is located in the engine compartment in a way that ensures optimal extinguishing coverage.
    • Extinguishing nozzles create microdroplets that have an average size of 50 μm. 8000 microdroplets cover a diameter of 1 mm.
    • The fire alarm is delivered with both light and sound signal for optimal warning. In addition, alarms can be connected to a fleet management system.