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Support & Service

We know our customers' everyday operations and are fully aware of the requirements for precise departures, scheduled services and the standard requirements of the equipment. In such operations, there is no room for large deviations, and the financial framework also leaves no room for extra material. This creates demands on our customers, who in turn create demands on us.

Our service offering is based on a combination of emediate service and preventive maintenance to avoid unwanted accidents and stops. We can offer service agreements at a fixed price. In the event of an emergency service, we move out as quickly as possible. 24/7 service can be arranged during periods where this is necessary.

Another part of our support is technical coursing and product training of our customers' personnel. To train drivers and other personnel from day one, we collaborate with the vehicle suppliers to perform training. This way, drivers become more secure, and it takes less time to put the vehicle into operation. The same also applies to technical personnel, where we can provide training by further agreement. Safe and skilled employees provide better margins - every day!

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Call us at 95 27 15 13