CCTV overvåkning

CCTV (Surveillance)

In public transport, the safety of the driver and passengers is important. Video surveillance is a useful tool for ensuring safety on board. Video surveillance can also help find the cause of accidents and near misses, and can be a great help in emergencies.

Modern cameras from Skantech are perfect for surveillance in public transport. The new camera series from Skantech makes it possible to focus in four different directions simultaneously. This way, both the hardware and the amount of data are significantly reduced. Fewer cables and shorter installation time also lead to lower costs.

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Surveillance and passenger counting (CCTV and APC)

Passenger counting systems with modern 3D technology make it possible to count passengers accurately, and are not affected by light and weather. The system distinguishes between passengers and other objects such as luggage.

By comparing data from passenger counts with the number of tickets sold, you can get an overview of the number of tickets purchased measured against the number of people on the bus. This in turn will make it easier to implement measures to prevent passengers traveling without a ticket.

Passenger counting systems also give you the ability to optimize passenger numbers. You can use the data to see how far passengers travel, which routes are profitable, and which are less profitable. It will also be easier for operators to know which buses will serve which lines at what times. If there is little occupancy on a line, you can insert a 12 meter bus instead of a large articulated bus.

When you choose Skantech, you choose products and systems that are based on a high degree of customization. Recorders and cameras are designed to withstand varying conditions in terms of temperature, vibration and other mechanical wear and are certified in accordance with EN 50155 (European standard for equipment mounted in rolling material).

Products from Skantech meet the requirements of the latest version of the ITxPT standard.

The products can be put together in various systems that both register, store, send and analyze events. This applies to systems that include mobile monitoring, passenger counting, passenger information and fleet management. BaaS (Bus as a Service) in general. This is a wide range of products that are compatible with each other and that register, send and store events.

Mobile surveillance

    • Live image transmission (WLAN, 3G)
    • Recorder with only 8 watts power consumption
    • Temperature zones between -40C and + 85C
    • High resolution images

Passenger counting

  • More than 97% counting accuracy
  • Compact design, low power consumption
  • Data transfer via WLAN, UMTS
  • Integration with mobile monitoring