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Our history

Daimex are one of the Nordic region's leading competence environments within rail transport. The company is located in Oslo and have the same vision of contributing to a better transport sector.

We are centrally located in the capital city to be able to handle the large traffic regions and transport companies, and to be able to provide service when the problem arises.

A changing transport sector

The transport of people and goods of the future will undergo major upheavals. Electrification, autonomy and urbanization are just a few examples of factors that will affect our common travel habits and logistics.

Most important, however, are the climate goals we as a society must achieve, and the innovative power needed for the transport sector to achieve them.

It is in this picture that we see ourselves, one of the Nordic region's leading competence centers within service and customized solutions for trains, metro and trams.

We ensure punctuality

Our customers depend on safe traffic flow and that departures go when they should. Our entire product and service range is put together for them to achieve just that. This also places high demands on ourselves; we will deliver on time.

From electronic components, safety products and light boards to comprehensive solutions, tailor made solutions and mechanical repair – everything rests on one thing: To ensure punctuality. This is a promise, and we will keep it. That is why we are honest and fair to our clients, and not least, available. If something happens, we will solve the problem as soon as possible.

«Together we create the transport system of the future»

Towards the future

On our way forward, we have the world's best resource; our motivated and professionally skilled employees who go to work every day with the knowledge that they are performing an important task on behalf of society at large. And when our suppliers creates top notch products, components and solutions, we make up a strong team.

In a few years, the world must halve its emissions, and we must create more sustainable cities and infrastructure. Then the transport sector is absolutely central. We will contribute to more efficient transport. And we will make people prefer public transport.

Together we create the transport system of the future.

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