Together we create the transport system of the future

As a supplier and partner to the public transport sector, we have one single goal in mind: To create a society where bus, train, tram and metro will be the best solution and is preferred by the passengers.

Towards better solutions

In 2021, the two specialist environments in Daimex and Metrotek merged to stand stronger facing new conditions and restructuring in the transport sector. We are now one of the Nordic region's leading competence environments within service and customized solutions for buses, trains, trams, metro and construction machinery. On a daily basis we find synergistic effects that benefit our clients!

One thing is certain; how we travel and move goods will change radically, and the transport sector is the most important contributor to achieving climate goals. Electrification, autonomy and urbanization are just a few examples of factors that will affect us – this will also affect our product and service portfolio. On our way towards this goal, we have proud and skilled employees, solid suppliers and customers with an important social mission; to get us all the way safely and comfortably.

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Our most important product is punctuality. In practice, this means we provide high-quality components, parts, electronics and safety equipment for trains, trams, buses, subways and construction machinery. All with operational safety and security as the highest priority.


We have a broad delivery. Our services include everything needed to keep operations going, from support and service to on-site workshop services, courses, electronics development and assistance in finding replacement components.
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Support & Service

We know our customers' routines and are fully aware of the requirements for precise departures, scheduled services and the standard of the equipment.

In such operations, there is no room for large deviations. And with the financial framework in mind, there is also no room for extra material. This creates demands for our customers, who in turn create demands for us. We’re happy to meet those demands!